What Dreams May Come, Vol. 1

by A.Sims


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Dreaming can be a bittersweet experience. In the movie "Vanilla Sky", there's a musical dynamic that helps to paint a dream world that is eerie, but also strangely pleasant. One particular song in this movie is hauntingly beautiful. That song was sampled by A.Sims, jus Beyond, and Robert Anthony Anderson for this project. Similar to wise men interpreting dreams, "What Dreams May Come, Vol.
1" is a melodic reinterpretation of sonic vibrations.

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YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/user/Commonersandkings
TWITTER: www.twitter.com/CandKallday


1.(WORD IS BOND) www.thewordisbond.com/81699/a-sims-what-dreams-may-come-vol-1/#
2.(SPHERE OF HIP-HOP) www.sphereofhiphop.com/rap/2013/01/a-sims-of-commoners-and-kings-what-dreams-may-come-vol-1-album-download/
3.(WADE-O RADIO) www.wadeoradio.com/a-sims-of-commoners-and-kings-rhapsody-ft-ahmad-audio/


released 21 January 2013

EP: "What Dreams May Come, Vol. 1"
Executive Producers: Anthony Sims & Arjay Smith
Producer: jus Beyond
Composers: jus Beyond & Robert Anthony Anderson
Images: Darrell Moore (www.darriffanyphotography.com), Ian S Young (www.valianthumility.com), Isabell Castro (www.isabellcastro.com), & Marco Flores (www.mfdesigns.net)
Engineers: Michael Hall, Ruslan Karaoglanov, & Kyle Murdock
Studios: A Golden Voice Studio. Long Beach, CA (www.agoldenvoicestudio.com) / Eye Am Productions. San Marcos, CA (www.soundclick.com/eyeamproductions) / Neosonic Productions. Washington, DC (www.neosonicprod.com)
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Track Name: Rhapsody ft. Ahmad
[A rhapsody is what I hope for, for sure
There's one thing that holds true, it's truth
If I was blind would I dream in song
I see a song like a vision of a microphone (2x)]
Track Name: Where The Wild Things Are ft. Theory Hazit
[We are the music makers
And we are the dreamers of dreams

We are the music makers
And we are the dreamers of dreamers]